Reading and writing (I am a published writer now!)


Last week I wrote an article about new developments and people’s reaction to them. I used as a longstanding example. An online bookseller that has been underestimated by many and as we all know, is much more than just a bookseller at the moment. The article was in particular about the Collaborative Economy, how it changes the markets and what opportunities it brings. Amazon will … [Read more...]

Alliance partner selection: to fit or not to fit?

Perfect fit

How do you select a partner when establishing alliances? In the ideal alliance creation scenario, you will only establish an alliance with your ideal partner. Your partner will have the right skills or product, intellectual property or market access. You will definitely look at partner fit, to ensure that the organizational culture of your organization is compatible with that of your partner … [Read more...]

CBP-40: The Collaborative Economy

collaborative economy

Late 90s when I spoke to audiences about ebusiness I always used as an example. At that time Amazon was an online bookseller and many people felt that it would never be a serious competitor. Why would people buy books online? And even if they did, Amazon is an American reseller and we are in Europe. Nowadays Amazon is much more than just a book seller with local stores in many … [Read more...]

CBP-39: Enter collaboration only as a last resort, with Dave Brock

Enter collaboration only as a last resort, with Dave Brock

Today I am in conversation with Dave Brock, who is the CEO of Partners in Excellence; a consultancy with 15 people around the world. In our conversation we explore many elements of collaboration. Like how to keep people in different time zones and places in the world in sync and in-collaboration and we talk about how to partner with your customers. Dave’s advice to people or companies … [Read more...]

A vitamin pill for your alliances and partnerships

Partnership Optimization Workshop

"It feels like I have taken a vitamin pill today" That was the response of one of the participants of the previous Partnership Optimization Workshop. The participants in the workshop were representatives from two companies who have already been in a strategic alliance together for multiple years. Both parties were looking to create new partnerships in areas beyond their current … [Read more...]