The power of collaboration

The power of collaboration

Peter Simoons

The power of collaboration:
The road to success is, not always but very often, found through establishing collaborations and collaborative (business) relationships, like strategic alliances and partnerships.

Creating these business collaborations can be challenging: 80% of ad hoc unstructured business partnerships fail, while 80% of the companies that follow a structured approach succeed.

● Do you want your business collaborations to be fruitful and successful?

● Do you want to know how to create them following a structured approach?

● Do you want leverage best practices in business collaborations?

● Yet, do you want to keep it all pragmatic and applicable to your organization?

Let’s talk: I help people to maximize success in business collaborations!

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What others said

Peter really wants to understand your needs, so he can add value where you need it. He asks the right questions that also brought me forward in defining of what I really need.Manuel Oomen
Peter helped us to re-focus on the most important drivers for success in our alliances. With his structured approach and year-long experience he was able to instill passion and clear direction. We had a fruitful discussion with Peter and believe his support will help us to become even more successful.Tobias Nittel
Peter helped our company with his strategic insights, to build a better alliance with our partners.Mark Tigchelaar
“I know few people, perhaps no one else, who are such selfless, tireless and alert connectors as Peter. Peter has a genuine interest in other people, wants them to succeed and without any direct or immediate benefits to himself. He coaches them to success.Mark Janssen
I was impressed by Peter’s divers and high-value network. I ‘chatted’ with him at first and noticed his high skills of listening and reacting. All in a very constructive manner. Peter has shown to be a really good connector and making new succesfull ways possible. He uses his experience and capability to understand meaning behind facts, situations and behaviour. Mixed with his deep respect for today he makes people think towards tomorrow and helps to build new ways in personal and business opportunities.Sibren van der Burgt
Peter is a very genuine, open person who sees the best in people. And the best part: he doen’t only see the best in people; he actually get’s the best out of the people he works with.Martijn Demurtas
I have worked with Peter for over 7 years at IBM in various capacities. I have come to know him as someone who is very easy and pleasant to work with and to do business with, has excellent abilities to absorb large amounts of information and process that in a very creative manner coming up with often surprising ideas and ways of working.Sander Van Dedem
During our executive course at INSEAD Peter captivated the whole class with his deep analytical skills and great opening to everybody’s contribution; a true leader behind the scenes, capable of leveraging the team resources adding great value to any partnership project.Gianluca Tabarrini

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