CBP-38: Collaboration is a journey, with William Buist

CBP38 - Collaboration is a journey, with William Buist

William Buist is the owner of the company Abelard, that he describes as a collaborative consultancy. The prime role of Abelard is to help business owners and directors to develop and grow their business to get real clarity about their business and with whom they need to be working. From that perspective William is working closely in collaboration with his clients to ensure the best joint results. … [Read more...]

The email excellence challenge

The email excellence challenge: no mail!

Personal productivity has always had my interest. I have read the books by David Allen on “Getting things done” (GTD) and I attended his seminars a couple of times. I have installed many tools to make work life more efficient and hence increase productivity. I have also given workshops on the topic and I am coaching people to help them increase their own personal productivity. An increased … [Read more...]

CBP-37: Make Waves with Patti Johnson

Make Waves with Patti Johnson

Patti Johnson is a career and workplace expert and the CEO of PeopleResults, a change and organizational development consulting firm she founded in 2004. She is the author of Make Waves: Be the One to Start Change at Work and in Life. In this episode I am in conversation with Patti about wave makers and collaboration. Wave makers are the people who initiate change, but what can they do without … [Read more...]

Can we build relationships without trust?

Can we build relationships without trust?

Trust is an essential element for building and maintaining relationships. Collaboration will be hard, if not impossible, without trust. Last week I wrote about soft skills for strategic alliances and about tools that can help structure the soft skills we need for alliance relationships. Trust is a soft skill, but it can be brutally hard when it is not there. Trust is agile in the sense that … [Read more...]

CBP-36: Extracting Value from Service-Based Alliances with Michael W. Young

CBP36 - Michael W Young

The Life Sciences industry has been challenged over the last decade with increasing regulation, higher costs of development (a new chemical entity often costs over a $Billion to bring to market), and declining rates of innovation. As it's harder to be successful on their own, the concept of a Fully Integrated Pharmaceutical COmpany (FIPCO) has now become an ecosystem of solid-line and … [Read more...]